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Nourish your soul, revitalize your body and, just for a moment, get out of your stressful environment and everyday life. This 7 day sailing retreat on the Adriatic Sea is offering you not only sailing and gourmet delights, but also the unique and holistic opportunity to balance your body and mind.

With all responsibilities we have, it is often difficult to take time and simply breathe, experience the infinity of sea horizon, feel the power of the wind, awake with the sunrise and enjoy the magnificence of the sunset. Imagine all that united to the goal of recognizing your hidden potentials through movement, healing sounds and self-awareness.

Indeed, we all strive for balance that will enable us to have time and energy for all our commitments and leisure too. Just like a puzzle, that consists of lots of small pieces, our personality is defined by a number of different aspects integrated into the whole – you can work and play, move and stand still, listen and talk, give energy and receive it, jump with joy and feel sad… We need balance for a happy, energetic and satisfying life. And you are the only one who can determine the actual meaning of the balance for you. Join the professional team of PBS Centre for Sports Excellence Kranj, Slovenia on the 7 day retreat unique program, that combines sailing with socializing and exercising.


The body is balanced when all its systems work in harmony – on energetic (spiritual), physical and mental level. Do you often notice that our environment is »chaotic« and disorganized? You try to change it, but it often ends in a disappointing way. Why is that? Well, among other reasons, it is difficult to influence the order around you, if you don’t have it within yourself to begin with. The peace initiates in your mind and heart, and only then, after you’ve found it and felt it, you can actually give it away and manifest it into your environment.

It is much easier to enter in a deep contact with your body, with breathing and relaxed mind, while surrounded by all natural elements. And that is the guide line to this 7-day retreat, during which we combine sailing with movement.

BODY retreat for body and soul is a unique experience, which combines movement, relaxation, sailing and gourmet pleasures

During the 7-day sailing the Middle Adriatic Sea, we will not only discover the beauties of the Croatian islands and their hidden pearls, but also dedicate ourselves to waking up our energetic, emotional, spiritual and, last but not least, physical balance; all that through physical movement, healing frequencies and breathing during morning energizing exercises, evening relaxation trainings, vitality walks and individual treatments.

Who is the program intended for

The Body Technique is a kinesiologic activity that adapts fully to individual needs and wishes, regardless of sex and age. It is an intelligent system of exercising, which treats the body as a whole, in all its dimensions, levels and structures. The Body Technique exercises raise awareness and set high quality foundations for the healthy functioning of the body. The 7-day retreat offers you an excellent experience of getting to know your body and finding the balance within, while discovering the pearls of the Adriatic Sea.

The conceptual leader of the entire program is Barbara Tavčar, the pioneer of the Body Technique in Slovenia, Master Body Instructor and head of the PBS Center for Sport Excellence in Kranj. Next to her on the comfortable sailboat, there will be also other members of her team, all well experienced Body Instructors.

This program is the perfect choice for all of you, who:

  • need to get away from the stressful everyday life,
  • want to dedicate yourselves some quality time,
  • are struggling with unpleasant life situations and wish to give your body a gentle but yet deeply stimulating boost for a new beginning,
  • love sailing and wish to have a completely new experience on a sailboat.


Technical details
• The 7-day break from the stressful everyday life starts on Saturday, May 11th 2019. The meeting point is in the Sukosan marina at 11:00am.
• After settling in a double room of the comfortable boat Jeanneau 54BT and meeting our professional skipper and the PBS team, we’ll sail out and start the program.
• Every day we’ll visit a different island, where you can enjoy a variety of gourmet specialties. The excellent relaxing program consists in group and individual treatments throughout the day. Nevertheless, it will leave you enough time for the unique sailing pleasures. Our professional crew is well informed and experienced, so they can further stimulate your getaway.
• The program ends on Friday morning, May 17th 2019, when we return to the Sukosan marina.

Cost, application mode and additional information

The price of the entire 7-day retreat is 1.016,00 and includes:
• 7-day sailing around the Adriatic Sea (6 nights), starting in the morning of Saturday, May 11th 2019 and ending in the morning on Friday, May 17th 2019;
• accommodation in double rooms of the comfortable boat Jeanneau 54BT;
• an expert team consisting of a skipper and the PBS Center members responsible for the specialized program;
• more than 10 hours of the unique Body Technique group program (morning, afternoon and evening trainings);
• Individual-oriented treatments, which combine physical gesture, healing frequencies, breathing and sound therapies that will stimulate your energetic, emotional, spiritual and physical balance (more than 5 hours per person);
•  breakfast on the boat (the organizer provides healthy food, and everyone prepares its own breakfast) – 5 days;
•  organized dinner in restaurants – 5 days;
• water, tea;
• exercise equipment (mats, pillows, other necessary accessories and props);
• fuel;
• berths;
• final cleaning.

Not included in the price:

  • additional meals (you can bring some food or buy it along the way);
    • drinks at organized dinners;
    • personal insurance;
    • transfer to the meeting point location;
    • tourist tax.

Additional benefits

• The total retreat cost is € 1.016,00, but its value is priceless.
• A lot of fun and unforgatable experiences 🙂

The cancellation policy
• The reservation is 100% confirmed after a 20% advance payment. In case of cancellation until 1st of April 2019, it will be fully refunded.
• The full amount of the retreat must be paid until 15th of April 2019.
• In case of cancellation between 1st and 30th of April 2019, we will reimburse you 50% of the payment. In case of cancellation after 1st of May 2019, there is no reimbursement.


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